The Barbies have a new digital single out! Watch the video here and listen to the song on Spotify.


won't stop can't stop

The BARBE-Q-BARBIES are exactly what the world needs right now. In a sea of auto-tuned hard rock clones and sunset strip wannabes this Finnish band is here to set the record straight. Rock is, was, and always will be raw, dirty, and bad to the bone.

Their latest album “DRIVEN” is full of licks and hits harking back to the glory years of AC/DC, QOTSA, KISS, and MOTÖRHEAD, but with an added fuel injection of Helsinki attitude and femme fatale vocals that'll blow your mind. With this the BARBIES have simultaneously created their own style and revitalized the genre.

Vocals / Niki

Lead guitar / Heidi

Rhythm guitar / Ekkis

Bass / Minttu

Drums / Niina



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